Atradius Collections Logo Atradius Collections: Debt Recovery Goes Digital

Atradius Collections: Debt Recovery Goes Digital

Businesses will now be able to receive a quote and place a debt collection case online within a matter of minutes, thanks to a new system launched today by Atradius Collections. The online system does away with the often-lengthy process of placing a debt and ultimately saves time, money and effort for companies of all sizes.

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Atradius Collections introduce their online debt recovery system partly in response to the needs expressed by their SME clients. Many of them have difficulty collecting debts due to lack of resources. Especially when the debts are in foreign countries, they often go unrecovered and add up to losses of many thousands of dollars – putting a great strain on the companies” bottom lines.

Atradius Collections” new online system makes it straightforward and hassle-free for any company to initiate debt recovery activities for both small and large debts. Placing a debt now takes only a few minutes. Once debt recovery efforts have begun, companies can monitor progress, ask questions and place more debts through an easy-to-use online interface.

Video explaining the platform:

Raymond van der Loos, CEO of Atradius Collections, said, ‘We have taken a massive stride towards digitising the debt collection process. Our new online system will vastly improve the speed and convenience at which our customers have their outstanding debts collected. That will help them focus on their core business, without having to spend any more than a few minutes to initiate the recovery process. I believe our online system is a great step in building the future of commercial debt collections – and we will be there as the perfect partner for businesses going forward.’

To find out more about Atradius Collections” online debt recovery system, please visit

About Atradius Collections:

As one of the world”s leading commercial debt collection firms, Atradius Collections strive to stay ahead of the curve through transparent pricing, systems integration and a streamlined online service. They follow industrial and technological advancements closely to provide as much benefit to their clients as possible.

With a presence in 31 countries and a global network, Atradius Collections provide trade invoice collection services in 96% of the countries across the world. Their wide breadth of services, ranging from first party to legal collections, helps companies around the globe recover unpaid invoices. Atradius Collections form part of Grupo Catalana Occidente (GCO.MC), one of the leading credit insurers in Spain and worldwide.


For further information, please contact: 
Douglas Voeten
Telephone: +31-(0)20-553-2337

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rt Atradius Collections: Debt Recovery Goes Digital

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