Smart Startup Leverages Blockchain to Bring Smart Contracts to the Masses

A new era for SMEs as SMRT Tokens enable efficient, transparent and borderless business transactions 

– Enables small businesses to be born global  

– Smart contracts offer frictionless trade  

– Pre- ICO launch for bulk purchase investors on Saturday 24th March 2018  

The Smart Startup Company, founded by social and technology entrepreneur Simon Krystman promises to make it simple for ordinary businesses to benefit from the transparency and security provided by the blockchain, by launching SMRT (Smart Startup Token) contracts. The aim is to create a frictionless trade platform for startups and SMEs.

SMRT describes itself as a ‘vending machine for legal documents’ that are then secured in the blockchain. The need to create contracts can be extremely onerous for start-ups, in terms of both money and time. Blockchain offers the opportunity to make enforcement cheaper and easier. However, few small businesses have the resources or understanding of blockchain technology to utilise it.  The SMRT templates will cover the contractual areas that startups and small businesses encounter, such as shareholder and intellectual property agreements. They will also cover finance and trading agreements in the way the Ethereum blockchain was originally designed for.  

Simon Krystman explained: ‘Established trading marketplaces could benefit enormously from our smart contracts, as buyers and sellers will have automatically enforced agreements to transfer money for goods and services. They also open the way for many new decentralised marketplaces, where the smart contracts are the enforcements of trade. Small businesses would be able to buy bundles of our smart contract templates to facilitate their sell/buy trades.’

The pre-ICO for investors to bulk buy tokens will take place from 24th March 2018 to 21st April 2018.


The Smart Startup Company and SMRT token team are highly skilled and experienced in running successful businesses. They have a wide variety of talent, connections and expertise in blockchain, AI, entrepreneurship, funding, intellectual property, government and regulation, giving SMRT a very solid base. Some team members are working in an advisory capacity, while holding down high-profile jobs in industry, government and academia. Others are working full time to build the infrastructure of a world leading company. Upon completion of the ICO, the team will be expanding to bring onboard more in-house software developers, lawyers and finance specialists, building an internal infrastructure and one to manage partners.

Syed Kamall, Member of the European Parliament is the Regulatory Advisor to the SMRT Project, advised; ‘The technology offers some very exciting opportunities but as legislators internationally, we must also make sure that consumers have trust in it. Blockchain and smart contracts will be a game changer for startups.’

Simon Krystman concluded; ‘The core of our company is the marriage of legal agreements with blockchain software code, supported by data science and AI. Our key partners represent this core and employ leading practitioners in their respective domains.’

Smart Startup Token (SMRT) will be holding a private pre-ICO sale on Saturday 24th March 2018 for advance bulk purchase of the SMRT tokens. A public token sale/crowdsale is planned for quarter 4 of 2018. To join the pre-ICO, visit or view the Whitepaper at SMRT”s strategy is to build a prototype of the platform from the Pre-ICO funds. This will explain the technology and process for the SMRT platform and the associated smart contracts. It will also show how the SMRT token can be used.

Jake Shaw, Founder of Twelve Ronnies, the start-up company that matches inventors with entrepreneurs and an early adopter of SMRT, explained his enthusiasm for SMRT: ‘SMRT is the gateway to the internet of agreements.  In the same way that the internet and social media allowed anyone to start-up a business from their kitchen table, SMRT will transform the ability of small companies to transact and trade globally.’

Further Information 

Visit or view the Whitepaper at

Risk Warning 

This article is for information and discussion purposes only and does not form a recommendation to invest or otherwise. The value of an investment may fall. Your capital is at risk. The investments referred to in this article may not be suitable for all investors, and if in doubt, an investor should seek advice from a qualified investment adviser.

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Smart Startup Leverages Blockchain to Bring Smart Contracts to the Masses

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